Double Take

 I honestly didn't think it would be in the cards this year, but by some furniture miracle I was able to get two matching arm chairs this weekend. My idea for our family room has been to have two matching chairs by our fireplace, but I haven't found any even on Craigslist that seem affordable for us or that I like. Then, Saturday I went to a very large Rummage Sale in Leesburg, Virginia with my cousin. I had no idea that this Rummage Sale was so huge. It was held at Morven Park, a great Equestrian Park where fields were filled with cars and barns were full with furniture, jewelry, antiques, clothes, and books. I was thrilled!
                                  I took a couple pictures of beautiful Virginia country for you.
Once we got into the furniture section there was much to look at, but I spotted these two beauties that I knew could be perfect for our family room. However, one of the legs was broken off. Hmmmm... I called my husband and sent him a picture and he said he could fix it. I was able to talk to the furniture saleslady and get a discount from $80 to $50 for the broken one, so I got both chairs for $130! Yea! We also looked at the bottom of the chair and the tag says Lane Furniture.

When looking at these chairs I was reminded of these chairs that Sarah Richardson had put into her house. They have the same English rolled look. 

When the chairs got home there was some minor surgery to be done. Steve knew what to do to strengthen the leg and he hammered a new piece back in. Good as new!

Now, our family room has some extra seating and more coziness by the fireplace. Also, you can see I have no curtains here, but I am working on them- they'll be up soon. All these pretty chairs need now are colorful pillows!

Here are some more paired arm chair images that helped me formulate ideas for our family room:
                                                                                  Atlanta Homes
             Do you like matching chairs or mis-matched? I'm thinking it's a bit more traditional of me, but I think I lean that way than the modern look. Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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