Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Are you working on a wish list or what to get people for the holidays? Me too! Melissa from 320 Sycamore comes out with her Favorite Things list every year and I decided to link up some of my favorite things too. Most of my items are things I have and have enjoyed or things I want. 

1. Rifle calendars are a weakness for me. I love them all! I have a couple of small ones, but this Les Fleurs calendar is on my list for Christmas. One tradition growing up, was that my parents would give my sisters and I a new calendar at Christmas. 
2. Old Navy. I wear slippers constantly when home, so getting a new pair like this one would be jolly. 
3. Ann Taylor Loft. Good chunky scarves like this cozy white one are my favorite for winter too. 
4. Rifle Paper Co. Classic books. I'm a sucker for a good cover. These classic books hark back to old fashioned covers and they would make a charming gift. Having four daughters makes this pretty much a given for me. 
5. Le Creuset. These dutch oven pots cook so evenly and can go from stove to oven easily. I have a knock-off version of Le Creuset and it's working great and gets used weekly. 
6. Unbroken was one of my favorite books I read this year. What an inspirational story and it's coming to the theaters soon. Can't wait! 
7. Sugar Paper for Target. This is a great planner! It fits in my purse, has a place for notes, a monthly calendar, and breaks it weekly. I love the simple design of it. Can you tell I like paper products?
8. Etsy pillows. I have that geometric pillow and love it. This one shop has great prices and designs. 
9. Sugar lip treatment. This is a great lip color and its super moisturizing at the same time. It was a gift from my dear sister who works for Sephora and knows what she's talking about when it comes to beauty (and baking). She even has a blog now at Cobbs Hill
10. J.Crew necklace. I don't have this one, but something similar.  I have a good friend who sells jewelry that looks a lot like J.Crew without the same cost. You really should go quickly to her site and check out all her baubles at Buffalo Lane

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                               Join me over at 320 Sycamore link party for more ideas and inspiration.            


Christmas at Lucketts

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, my mind has turned to ideas of how I'm going to decorate for the holidays. We'll be home for both occasions and I'm really looking forward to it. With four little girls at home, it's bound to be full of excitement and traditions. 

This is about the time of year, I'm looking for great ideas and ways I can make some of our decorations so it's affordable. Every November, the Lucketts Antique Store has a big Christmas weekend with charming decorations and glorious Christmas pageantry on display in their Design House. Who knows- maybe it will get those wheels turning in your head on how you'll decorate for the season. 
The entrance is uber charming with greenery, berries and gorgeous furniture. 
This light fixtures here blow me away! I also loved the branches with felt snowballs on the table. 
                            What a fun room! I love the bright red and turquoise blues throughout.
            I had some shopping buddies with me,  aka- my twins, who loved all the sparkles in here too. 
Hand me the glitter and pine cones! I'm getting excited about the coming month! How about you? Are you already scheming DIY decorating for the Holidays or is it just me?


DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

I love a good chandelier! They can be pricey but if you have a standard five arm chandelier and want to dress it up a bit then you've come to the right place.
My chandy was silver, when we replaced it with a different chandelier in our dining room and put our old one in the basement... to be forgotten for awhile. Once we started work on our laundry room for the ORC, I remembered the chandy in the basement collecting dust. Light bulb moment!
    I love how this light looks in our laundry room with the turquoise beads in between the wood beads.
1. Paint chandelier/spray paint. I sprayed mine a dark grey/brown.
2. Drill 4 holes. You want a very small drill to go through near the edge of the metal. This is where you will make your knot around a small round gold hoop to the fishing line.
3. String beads on fishing line. You want the string to be clear. There are craft clear strings, but don't get the stretchy clear kind. You can choose whatever beads you want, but I liked the idea of the natural wood bead with a some turquoise. Stringing and tying might take awhile so put on an old movie and have fun.
4. Tie up and enjoy!
Here are the beads I used to string. You can buy these on Amazon or craft stores. I bought mine at Michael's and used some coupons.
Work in progress... to get to this:

What a difference a light makes! This room used to have a single nipple light. Now it's gorgeous! Have you ever made a chandy? This was my first experience making one and it really felt like stringing jewelry up on our light.Well, I better go fold some laundry now in my fancy- chandy laundry room.  


ORC Laundry Room Reveal

Thanks for stopping by today to see my laundry room reveal for the Linda's ORC. For six weeks I've planned and worked on our laundry room with my husband to make a fresh start. Our room was great because it was a blank slate of possibilities. You can catch up on the progress of the room here:

                      week 1       /       week 2      /       week 3       /       week 4     /       week 5

                                         Let's review what the room looked like before we got started:
                 This room is definitely an improvement from where it started. I love how it turned out! 
I made this sink skirt to pretty up the not-so pretty pipes under the washtub. I added some instagram prints of my loved ones above to remind me why I do laundry in the first place. 
We added a ship lap wall with hooks on the other side of the washer and dryer to give some variety to the room. The laundry room is an extension of our small hallway "mudroom" so the hooks will be used for hanging lots of things. Did I mention we have four girls? I can just see all their snow gear now lined up on those pretty hooks. Above the hooks I added some art hanging from pants hangers. The quotes I made and printed off myself. 
My husband made the cabinets, the two shelves and the folding table on top of the washer and dryer. This will definitely help with storage! I found two vintage botanical prints at an antique barn sale and put them on the shelves. I love how they match the three green containers. 
Now onto the chandy!
We used a chandelier we already had from our house. I spray painted it and added beads. I'm going to feel extra fancy in my laundry room now that I have a chandy! I'll give you the tutorial of that soon. 
New cover for the ironing board spruces things up. Above, I framed a beautiful baby sweater all my girls have worn. I really enjoy meaningful art. 
There you have it! A happy, more organized and colorful laundry room. Everything in this room was done on a budget and I'll show you the total cost and different projects next week. Thank you Linda for extending the One Room Challenge. There are so many others who were involved in the challenge too, please go see what they did HERE. They will not disappoint! 

You can check out my last ORC project HERE where I did a make-over for our pre-teen daughter's room.

Thanks to my readers who have been so kind to support me! I'll be putting up tutorials of all our DIY projects this coming week. Now, I'm off to do laundry (for real)!

Coral art, baskets, green containers, hooks ... IKEA
Stripe rug... Overstock
Ironing board cover, baskets ... Target
Instagram pictures... Printsagram
fabric (P/Kaufmann)... Hobby Lobby


Fall Decorating and October Wrap Up

Happy Halloween! This month has flown by. But before the month escapes I thought I would show some of my Fall/Halloween decorating around my house. The chalkboard planters seem to work well for any season.
 I got this beautiful ice bucket at a yard sale and put in some feathers for Fall decorating. I don't know about you but I love white pumpkins and feathers!
 Our Mozart bust got a little witches hat I found at a craft store. He's definitely jazzing up the piano area (along with more white pumpkins-okay, maybe I'm a little obsessed).
If you follow me on instagram you can see some other inspiring pictures of Fall. We just turned our pumpkins into this fun BOO jack-o-lantern and made a monster door. By far, the monster door is my kid's favorite.
This month I went to a couple of antique shops, but this one place is my favorite in Northern Virginia.
Lastly, I made this large mirror this month out of $8 shingles. This project was fun because it didn't take long to make and I made it with one of my friends. I put up some more white pumpkins and some (fake) autumn grass and called it a day.

There you go, a little bit of Fall inspiration and decor around our house. Now, I'm off to make some soup and bread for those cute trick or treaters of mine. Hope you all have a great Halloween and weekend!


One Room Challenge- Week 5

Here we are at week 5 of the ORC! We have one week left to work on our makeovers and I'm far from done. However, our laundry room re-do has made some good progress this week. Check out our board shiplap wall with hooks! I'm loving this look. I'm working on what to hang above the hooks, and those two vintage botanical prints will probably make the cut. The laundry room is right off the small hallway from the garage so I wanted to extend the "mudroom" by putting up hooks for all the kids' gear. 
We also put up our DIY cabinets this week and the folding table. Between the two cabinets we will be installing two open shelves. The sink needs it's skirt still which I'm still working on making. I'm also going to work on adding some texture to the folding table by possibly making it look like Carrera marble. Another thing to add to the list!
With one week left I have to be realistic. I wanted to paint the floors, but we'll see if I have enough time. Do you think it will look good with a black and white runner and call it a day? Or do you think it would look better painted, with a rug?

Things to (still) do for the laundry room makeover:

-hang art
-install two shelves
-install hardware
-poly coat cabinets
-finish and install wood bead chandelier
-sink skirt
-put in new rug
-probably more things I can't think of right now

Let's see how the progress of everyone else's rooms with the 20 main participants and the linking participants of the ORC. Can't wait for next week to see everyone's reveals.


One Room Challenge- Week 4

Hi everyone. This week has been busy with our laundry room makeover (lots of painting). I'm also teaching at a Craft Night tonight so I've been working on a lot of projects lately (more on that later). Our laundry room is coming along. You can catch up with what I've been doing so far in:

I started working on making my chandelier fancy with some beads. I wish it looked like this picture, but alas it's not there yet. I'm repainting the chandelier (that came with our house) and I'm using wood beads to give it a natural look. 

I painted the walls Benjamin Moore 'wickham gray'. It's a beautiful color because it looks almost pale blue/gray on the walls. I think it will pair nicely with white cabinets and the board wall white. 
Benjamin Moore "wickham gray".  One of the prettiest colors ever!!     love this color
I started a coat of Benjamin Moore White Dove on the boards and quickly realized in this room it will look too creamy. Our laundry room has no windows for natural light so I want the white in here to look clean and fresh. So I'm off to buy some white paint!  Above the boards I will be putting up these hooks and hanging art with hangers (perfect for a laundry room).
The cabinets that my husband and I are making are looking great. 
The door faces are built and we'll be assembling all of it this week (along with painting them). There are still a lot of things to finish for this room like get a rug and fabric and art work, but it's looking like an improvement already with paint! Thanks for stopping by. Go check out what all of the other linking participants are doing and the 20 fabulous designers are doing in their rooms. Everyone in these groups are doing something inspiring for sure!