Tutorial: Society Social Melrose Knock-Off Table

When I entered the CWTS contest I had a great idea for a classy knock-off project. I found on Society Social's site the Melrose Console Table which is tres tres chic. However, for $800 its not so chic for my budget. What got me about this table is the color and the fretwork. Oh the fretwork! With some creativity we made this table for under $100. 
                             Melrose Console Table
                                                                           Society Social Melrose Console Table 
Learn more about how we made this table: 


The Making of a Tween Girl's Bedroom

Girl's Tween Bedroom Makeover

Girl's Tween Bedroom Makeover by tracylaverty 

I haven't touched our daughter's room since we moved into our home and it's high time I did! We are starting off with a blank canvas in here, which is great! Linda from Calling It Home created a One Room Challenge (ORC) where twenty designers show a room they are working on and then reveal their final product at the end of six weeks. This is a great motivating challenge to get her room done.  I'll show you my progress of the room for the next four weeks (they're already two weeks into it). I'll be participating via her link party where other bloggers are showing their progress along with the other designers. I love this challenge because lets face it, I need a deadline! 
Above is the inspiration board I have for our daughter's bedroom. Her room is a blank slate right now. Here are some BEFORE pictures.
 I plan on making a headboard and adding in some new pillows, bedding and art work.
New curtains will go here and maybe some DIY window seats (if there is time). I'm excited to show you how this room is progressing over the next four weeks.

Come back this week to see my tutorial for the Melrose Knock-off table we made for the CWTS contest.

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Round 3: Up Cycle and A Great Experience in CWTS

What an honor it was to be in the Creating With The Stars Contest, however, I didn't advance to the final round. Thank you to all those who voted for my 'Up Cycle' side-table-turned-bar-cart and mirror-turned-sunburst. I enjoyed making these projects and felt like it was a great transformation. I loved being a contestant and felt like all the projects I worked on showed my best effort and style. One thing is certain, now I can get some sleep! There were some long nights of building, painting, and more painting. It was all worth it because now we get to enjoy some new furniture in our home.

My girls especially love the cart and it's been turned into a 'library' cart or 'grocery store' cart. The cart will be great for anywhere in our house. Currently, it resides in the kitchen and I'm loving the Kelly green I painted it. The mirror made it's way over the fireplace. I'll show you pictures soon. I took photos of the knock off table and the bar cart in our office space, which I haven't shown on the blog yet since I haven't even come up with ideas yet on how to decorate the space. However, I painted one wall a bright white in there and I think its so clean and fresh feeling that I might paint the whole space white now.

Being in the Creating With The Stars contest was a major group effort. My husband, Steve helped me build the knock off Melrose Console table and helped me build our hutch for our Paint project. I couldn't have done it without him! We had a lot of fun together staying up late and working together. My blogging mentor Kate was super encouraging, helped me style and edit my photos. I learned a lot about styling a photo from her, and I think my skills improved. Thank you Kate for all your help! With the bar cart, I had fun with punches of color from the citrus, flowers and gumballs which all gave it a festive look. My four daughters were also so cute asking me questions about my projects and being excited for the contest. They didn't seem to mind how neglected our house got while I worked on other things.
I was hoping to make it into the final round of the contest, but I know I did my best and I am grateful for the experience. I will be putting tutorials of my projects on the blog soon. Now I will focus on some of the other projects that got put on the back burner while I was in the contest like painting more furniture, reupholstering my phantom sofa in our library and starting to work on our yard. Thanks for all your support you guys!

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Spring Updates and Week 3 Voting

             week3 cropped
                          Round 3: Upcycle - Creating with the Stars is now live and open for voting!! #cwts2014 #upcycle #DIY #ontheblog #vote
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. My family and I enjoyed some overdue sunshine and did some Spring cleaning and organizing. Organizing is contagious for me because once I've organized one thing, I'm ready to tackle the next area. I also turned in my latest project for the UPCYCLE week for the CWTS contest. The voting is open to all Monday and Tuesday. Go vote HERE and then come back on Wednesday and I can show you which one was mine! I really like how my project turned out and can't wait to start putting up some tutorials soon.

This past Saturday, East Coast Creative featured my tutorial for the Baby Blues Hutch. You can go see how we made it HERE.

Lighter and more pastel colors are inspiring me for this time of year. There are a few areas in our home that can really be affordablely updated with color, fabric and texture. I came up with a few categories that I want to spruce up: the sofa, the table, and the walls.

Spring Updates
Spring Updates by tracylaverty 

Pillows:   1/       2/         3/      4 / 
Table:   1/       2/        3/      4/
Art:       1/         2/        3/       4/ 

                                             Have you started doing any Spring updating? I would love to hear about it. 


We Made It To Round 3 of CWTS

THANK YOU to all of you who voted for our Color Block Hutch! I am thrilled to be the top three of the Creating With The Stars Contest and to advance to the next round  I love how this beat up thrift store table went from blah to sleek with some paint, new hardware, oh, and a hutch to top it off. I definitely stepped out of my painting "comfort zone" for this project but I absolutely love the way it turned out. I used four different blues in the cubbies to create a unique look. I love how the blues play together to create a fun color-block look. 

I'll be giving a full tutorial on East Coast Creative's blog on Saturday. Many thanks to my blogging mentor, Kate, from Centsational Girl who is amazing to work with and is ultra creative. Also, my dear husband Steve, gets some major brownies points as he helped me design and build the hutch and stayed up into the wee hours painting with me! 

What I love about this contest is that I'm getting some major projects done because there's a deadline. I had a friend tell me she should just tell her husband they made it into a contest so that they have to get things done too. I laughed so hard! I can't wait to show you my  UPCYCLE project that I'm working on for this week. The contest is down to six people so all the projects will be up for another round of voting on Monday. 

What do you think: would you try a color block style shelf in your home? 


CWTS Voting Week 2 and Mount Vernon

CWTS logo A
                       week2 cropped
I turned in my second project for the East Coast Creative Contest. You can go HERE to vote for your favorite PAINT project. The voting is open Monday and Tuesday and you only have one vote (that's the tricky part because its hard to choose). I'm so pleased with the way the my paint design came out. I'll let you know which one is mine on Wednesday.

Speaking of paint, I was completely inspired by a historical home I visited last week. I went to George and Martha Washington's home, Mount Vernon, on a field trip with my daughter's class. Mount Vernon is one of my favorite historical homes and I couldn't pass up a field trip there! The day we went it was drizzly with rain and chilly (note: go to Mount Vernon when it's a warm sunny day, you'll be much happier).

I absolutely love touring historical homes. There is much to learn about design and architecture. Even celebrities today are influenced in design by historical homes like Rob Lowe and his wife designed their California home to look similar to Mount Vernon.
Rob Lowe
                                                                       Architectural Digest
I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside because it is a preserved home. However, I gathered some examples of some of the bold painted rooms to show you just how timeless these styles still are today. In the 18th century, it was a sign of wealth when you used bold colors in your home. Thank goodness paint is more affordable in our day.

Talk about a 'wow' effect with varying shades of turquoise and green in the grand dining room. The Washington's hosted many people in their home and I imagine they used their dining rooms often. Washington said about his home, that it was a "well resorted tavern."

The parlor has some of the best examples of colonial Virginia architecture (the columns lining the door and the fireplace mantel) and was painted in a "fashionable Prussian blue."

The smaller dining space is a bright green with gold frames. The picture doesn't show underneath the table is a black and white checkerboard inset.

The library might not be considered bold, but it is warm with the honey colored wood and a black door, which looks classic.

                                         (All interior photos via)
Aren't these rooms gorgeous? I know I'm inspired to be more bold with my paint. How about you? Have you gone bold in a room in your home?


We Made It To Round 2

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who voted for our Society Social Melrose Cocktail Table Knockoff! We made it into Round 2 of East Coast Creative's Contest Creating With The Stars! The table we (my hubby and I) made came in at #6! I promise to give you a full tutorial on how we made it on the blog when the contest is over. Let me just say, it was a busy week and some real late nighters, but it came out so beautiful! Also, its wonderful being mentored by one of the best DIYers out there, Kate, from Centsational Girl. The other submissions were completely creative and amazing. Here are the results of the Knock Off portion of the contest:
Round 1 Results CHART
I'm the lime green pie! This week's project is 'Paint' so it's going to be fun to see what the nine of us come up with for this round. The voting for the 'Paint' category will begin on Monday. Don't worry, I'll remind you to vote. Wish me luck!

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