Martha's Vineyard

 Today I want to show you Martha's Vineyard, the island my family and I love. We look forward to visiting family here, enjoying the beaches, fishing, boating and good food.
My husband grew up on the Island. For anyone who may think living here year-round puts you in the annals of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, that is not typically the case. Tourism is the main industry and helps support the Island economy. Each town on the Island has a different feel to it. Let's have a tour, shall we?

This town is oozing with quaintness. During the whaling era, Boston sea captains would take their fortunes and create estates in this town. There are many examples of sprawling cottages and charming colonial homes.
Edgartown lighthouse
There are beautiful gardens on some of the estate homes here. I know there is a tour specifically to view the gardens in this town (something I want to do next year). Hydrangeas seem to do well on the Island and there are so many window boxes spilling with flowers and greenery.

I don't normally think much about my driveway, but I guess if I had my 'dream' driveway it would look something like this one.
Walking around all the gorgeous shops in this town is so fun. It's a kid's dream store in the Scoop Shack with all the bright candy so wonderfully displayed.

West Tisbury:
Twice a week there is a big farmer's market in this town. Local bakeries sell their bread and pastries too

My kids's favorite part of the farmer's market  is the Bodacious raspberry ice (which is really my favorite too).
 As a kid, Alley's General store was my favorite place to get candy. For my girls, it's now their favorite too. The owner restored this original General store awhile ago and its brimming with all sorts of things you might need from hardware- groceries-gifts. On the Island, there are no malls, or major chain stores just super charming shops (except for some gas stations and Stop & Shop).
 If you like kayaking or sailing, the Great Tisbury Pond is our favorite and it leads to the South Beach (which is the main beach all along the south end of the island.

Oak Bluffs:
Is known for their 'gingerbread homes' or 'cottage city'. It's also a port for the ferry boats that come in. To get to the Island you can either fly or take the ferry ( a 45 minute boat ride from Woods Hole).
Each one of these cottages has such character. In late August they have Illumination night where all the gingerbread homes put up Chinese lanterns on their porches and light them all at the same time. Then, everyone walks around and admires all their decorations. 
Ocean Park

So you want a quaint little fishing village? This is it. Stephen Spielburg's movie Jaws was filmed here and every year you can watch it in the town.

 We love to come eat dinner here and watch the sunset. 

Is known for their clay cliffs and the Wampanoag Indians who settled the area. There are some spectacular beaches and views on this side of the island. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did have a large estate here until her death and sadly her son John F Kennedy JR and his wife and sister-in-law died in a plan crash off the coast. I don't have really any house pictures to show you of this town probably because most of the homes are tucked further away and private.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of some of the island. Have you ever been to Martha's Vineyard? What was your favorite area to visit? I plan to show you some room make-overs in our family house this week so come back soon.


  1. So so unbelievably gorgeous! And I adore the lens that all the photos were taken with as well.
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  2. You got some beautiful pictures and I love the way you broke it down by town. The whole island is romantic and dreamy.

  3. Hey, I recognize that sailboat. Love the pictures. Home!

  4. Ahh, miss it all. Great details.