A slice of our Summer

Helllloooo! It's been awhile since I last wrote a blog post. I had a friend recently ask me if I still planned on blogging and thought, 'boy, I guess I took enough time off it's time to get going again'. Did you have a great summer? I hope you made time to play, relax and explore. There were not a lot of home projects except for the farm table the hubs is working on right now (more of that to come). Our children went back to school this week so it's back to routines, which is good for everyone. I thought you might like to see a slice of our summer:
Our family had a great time visiting Martha's Vineyard in July. We had a big family reunion with cousins and Aunts and Uncles. There was plenty of card playing, ice cream, boating and beach days. 
                                       There are some impressive old Captain's homes to walk past.
                                                                and pretty gardens.
                             Oh, and of course, the many darling ice cream shops were visited frequently.

                       Many bursting window boxes on white painted homes add New England charm.
                                                              Quaint little fishing villages                  
Pretty sailing days to the beach. 
Farmer's markets 
On Instagram I showed a couple of rooms in our beloved family home. The original part of the house used to be a carriage house in which my grandparents made into their home. We love coming here to be with lots of family and gather. I love the chart room and old nautical lantern my Uncle put up.
The main part of the barn is cozy and has a gallery wall with many of my grandmother's paintings. A few years ago my sisters and I did a makeover in the loft and you can see more pictures of the chart room.

Now, it's back to schedules and non-beach days, but I think it's important to take time and disconnect for a bit. I can't wait to show you some projects from our Art camp that I taught with my friend this summer. Are you still in summer mode or school mode? Either way, I hope you're doing well and look forward to showing more projects and adventures with you.


  1. so beautiful! i am not ready for summer to be over.

  2. Beautiful window shutters and gardens. Especially on the Vineyard and with family.

  3. I think I'm loving the window! The flowers looks really good. You have beautiful girls. Thanks for sharing!

  4. And now I want to travel. Looks like a beautiful summer!

  5. Hi Tracy, your time on the Vineyard looks so wonderful, how fun that you had a family reunion while you were there! It's such a special place and you are so lucky that you have grown up going there and now take your own family there. I inadvertently took the summer off from blogging too, I don't want to miss any of this time before my kiddos fly the coop (my oldest is a junior this year and the years are going by too fast!) Glad to hear you had a wonderful summer and I hope you return to blogging - I enjoy your posts so very much!

    1. Oh Lisa you are so kind. I'm glad you had time to spend with your darling family this Summer. I'm like you, I didn't want to miss any of it. I will be blogging but I got super busy with church and life with four kids activities. I'm finding it not always easy to balance. However, I will be posting projects and ideas soon. Thanks for always being so encouraging.

  6. Great time with your family! Makes me wanna travel again.I enjoy your posts so very much! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This looks magical!! Amazing photos and enjoy your time :)