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Hi friends! I don't know how many of you are reading this blog anymore since I haven't shown up for a couple of months! Some of you have been kind to reach out to me to see how I'm doing, which is really nice of you! I didn't really mean to take this much time off but it just happened. It all started with the summer, I decided not to blog and enjoy my kids and spend time with my family, which I really needed to do. Then, I got busy with helping a client, planning our 15 year anniversary trip to Germany and Italy with my husband, being a chauffeur for our four children and all their music & sports and taking on a new church assignment.
My hubby and I did go on our trip and had a wonderful time and just like that it's now November! More to come about this great European adventure and planning it on a budget.
I also haven't done much in way of  DIY projects in awhile. However, I did work on painting our guest room before my parents came to stay with our girls while we went on our trip. It went from builder's grade paint and nothing in there except a bed to looking a little more cozy. The color is my favorite, Sea Salt, by Shermin Williams. Luckily, we had an extra gallon laying around. Here's a before and after for you.
 I don't feel done with this room, but I thought I would show you anyway since it is an improvement and on a good path. 

This Fall, I went to my first auction...
 I was the girl jumping with excitement when I got these four classic beauties for $35. We really do need some dining chairs since what I have is only a few random chairs together. Amid some of the junk are really great things at auctions and I highly recommend you going to one!  I had so much fun and I can't wait to find some new fabric for these chairs.
Hope you are all doing well and having a great Fall. It's amazing to be planning Thanksgiving and Christmas now. Don't you feel like time is going so fast?

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