A Penny A Page

Summer break starts tomorrow for my girls and we are all excited. We started a tradition which has helped my girls read through the Summer. We call it "Penny A Page' program. Here's how it works:
For every book our children read this summer they can earn a penny for every page read. I also have them write down a summery, title and author and other details in their 'Penny A Page' notebook so we can all keep track. The librarians loved it when they showed their work for the Summer reading programs in the past (these notebooks came from Target).
Last Summer, both my older daughters loved doing this so much that they are talking it up to the younger ones about how they can earn some extra cash. One of my daughters earned $35! Reading and writing about what they read helps them so much over the Summer months. Both my older daughter's writing improved too, because I would correct their spelling and grammar and then they would need to correct it. Yes, I'm one of those moms! They also have liked keeping track of their money earned and it motivates them to read more.
What are some other ways you motivate your kids to read for the Summer? I love to hear your great ideas! 


  1. i love this idea! we are doing little mini-prizes after each book read, but i love this because it's instant gratification.

    1. I love your mini-prize idea too! I love to reward our kiddles so they want to read and learn more. Hope you guys have a fun Summer! I need to stop by the barn to say hi!

  2. I'm going to have to use your idea whenever I have kids, Tracy! :)