How to Wallpaper with Wrapping Paper

When I decided to make our closet into an organized craft space I wanted to try something unique in this area. Wallpaper is expensive, so I went the wrapping paper route instead (which is a lot more affordable). The wrapping paper I used is from Rifle Paper Co., which has heavy, quality papers, and I pretty much love everything on their site. Try only to use heavy wrapping paper if you are going to wallpaper with it, or it might not work well and tear with thin paper. I measured my space and got three rolls- which was the perfect amount. The paint color I used for the sides and the door is Shermin Williams, Mint Condition
-sheet rock knife or exacto knife
-small towel
-sponge brush
-board for cutting
-wrapping paper
-wallpaper paste (got it here, since it's hard to find in hardware stores)
We took out the wire shelf that was in here and filled the holes. Then, my husband worked on making two shelves and a small desk to fit in this space and he put up the boards to hold everything.  I primed and painted ahead of time before we put up the wrapping paper.
First, we cut what we needed and did a "dry fit" to make sure everything would work well. Next, we used our foam brush to liberally apply a coat of paste on the back of the wrapping paper. Note- we found it worked even better if we applied the adhesive right onto the wall and then stuck the paper to it.
There will be bubbles and wrinkles! In order to tame the bubbles, we used a cloth to help wipe it in an upward motion. We discovered our ruler was a great way to press down to get the bubbles and wrinkles out after we had used the cloth.
Let it dry for several hours. I didn't get an after picture with it all done, but this is close.
After the wrapping paper was put up and dried I was already on my way to organizing all the crafts. The paper on the wall is a fun pattern and it really livened up the space. Have any of you ever wallpapered with wrapping paper? It didn't take too long and is a great idea for a small space.