Peg Boards and Organizing

The peg board is a great invention! I love that I can see where my scissors, tape and ribbons are in our new craft closet
                                 My husband framed the back of the peg board using liquid nails.
We hung it using toggle bolts. Let's just say- this was not an easy task putting up a peg board on a hollow core door.
The baskets are IKEA and I banded it with some washi tape to give it a punch of color. The clear bins and glass jug came from Target. I used mainly bins we already owned. The labels are from the Martha Stewart line at Staples (love them).
 The hanging file used to be a brown cardboard, but I spray painted it to look like metal. I hung it using 3M velchro strips, and it worked great. I'm glad it went on the wall to give me more room at the desk area. The frame to my quote is from a thrift store which I spray painted white. I staple gunned some burlap onto the back of the frame and taped my quote up. Taping the quote means it will be easy to change it out for other inspiring messages.
The hanging scissors are also thrift store and I stained it. The metal caddy holds things like stamps, washi tape, brushes, glues, etc. 
Overall, it's really nice to have a home for my sewing machine and a place to put extra fabric, papers, and supplies. We did install an outlet in the closet too, so I can do quick sewing projects. Organizing my crafts meant throwing out some things that were not being used or old. It's always good to purge a bit so you can get the look you want. Next, I want to make a little chandelier for this space. Add it to the project list! 


  1. So cute! I'm just finishing up a pegboard project too! I can't believe the hanging file is cardboard! So creative, great job :)

  2. Thanks Brittany! I love the pegboard too and it's super easy to see where everything goes.