Christmas Stocking Chandelier and Progress on our Project

 Life has been busy lately with some school concerts, planning parties, and Christmas baking. You know the drill- it gets a bit crazy for all of us in the month of December. Throughout all this 'hustle and bustle' I made a whimsical look for our chandelier by hanging stockings (got last year, after Christmas shopping) and gluing mint ribbon onto them.
We're also Santa's helpers (sweatshop) working on our playroom for our girls under the basement stairs. Steve made a door and put up walls and mudded everything. It's looking good. We ordered a small amount of carpet tile for the space, since our basement is unfinished, the carpet will be nice for their toes instead of cold concrete. The walls are primed and ready to be painted.
Progress! Come back tomorrow for our Christmas house tour.


  1. Yay - so excited to see the finished playhouse! It is looking great.
    Very cute chandelier.

  2. How amazing is that door going to be?! I look forward to seeing it finished, Tracy! I love the rest of your home…the addition of real branches in your tree is so beautiful! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!