Craft Closet Reveal

This is a story about a tiny unorganized closet that turned into a useful home for crafts. At first, it was an eyesore, but then it magically turned one day into something happy and pretty.
On the outside it looks like any other closet, but now when you open the door, you get....
SURPRISE- an organized crafty place! 
Oh the peg board! Be still my heart! 
Well, you don't want to forget this message when you are in a state of creativity. 
I adore how this space turned out. Every time I open the door I'm thrilled with the mint and light pinks that greet me. I'm also loving having my craft things in one place and where I can see them. It makes it easier to find things. I will have all the details for you of how I put it together tomorrow. 


  1. ooh I love it! The chair, the wallpaper- so pretty!!

  2. oh I LOVE this so much! Perfectly done.

  3. Good organization! What a wonderful little craft closet!