Halloween Centerpieces

I'm getting ready for a church sponsored Halloween party where my friend asked me to do two different centerpieces for the tables. I 'shopped' my house to see what I had and came up with these two ideas.

    Table 1
I try to buy seasonal and holiday things when they go on clearance so I can save some money. I got the urn from Home Goods and it will be used many times for seasonal things. The candlesticks came from a thrift store. The other things I already had on hand. The key to making a centerpiece work is....
  Keep in mind a few principles of design: proportion, balance and emphasis. My emphasis is the center and then I need to balance it out with a few other items, but they need to be in proportion as not to be larger than the center. Got it? 
    Table 2
Stab some marshmallow Peeps with branches and it makes a whimsical look. Voila! Branches are great for almost every season of decorating since you can hang all sorts of things from them like ornaments, Easter eggs, bats, or ghosts. Also, I took a wreath I made and put some webbing around it for the base. Putting bright candy corn in a glass jar is always a good idea. The runner is wrapping paper from the dollar isle of Target. Wrapping paper is a great way to add color and you can find some really inexpensive ones when they go on sale. If you look behind the centerpiece you can get a sneak peak of our gallery wall- which is shaping up. 

Let's take a peak at some other Halloween-y things around our house. Shall we?

                   Have a wonderful weekend! Come back this week for our library bookshelves reveal!


  1. All of these ideas are so cute, Tracy. Love the house and the decorations.

  2. Your house is so beautiful. Thank you for your inspirations.

  3. I'm crazy about those centerpieces! Come decorate my house for Halloween please!