Planning a library look

Our library room is taking shape. First, of all we decided to commit to building bookshelves ourselves since we discovered it would be the most cost effective. I looked at ideas of installing Ikea Billy bookshelves like some of my favorites from LGN:
                or Centsational Girl
 However, my husband, Steve is very excited to use his tools for this project and I'm happy to support him in this endeavor. I mean what kind of wife would I be to stand in his way of wanting to make a large piece of furniture for us?
                                     Here's what he's planned for our big blank wall so far:
We will be building five bookshelves and adding in lighting ourselves. After Steve drew this up we decided to have all cabinet bases for the bottom section of the shelves. Also, we're not firm on the arched look above. We might just want to go with a straight line of molding since we plan on the shelves being a built-in look with the crown molding covering the top. We've also been pricing cabinet bases and Steve thinks he can make them for a lot less than buying them too.

In this room we will use a rug we already own. I love this geometric blue-gray wool rug we got from Overstock which has been super comfortable and easy to clean.

This is a small camel back sofa that I got for a steal, but it will get some new covers. I'm really leaning towards upholstering it in navy blue velvet. Here are some inspiring images for the sofa:

                                         Doesn't that seem cozy to curl up to and read a book?

I want this quote somewhere in our library:

Do you have a library in your home? Do you find it gets used or neglected? Lots more posts about planning a library coming up! 

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  1. Too much suspense... I'm excited for the final photos :)
    p.s. Your harvest party looked beautiful!