Pinkies Up!

Darlings! We had a very fun tea party birthday for our daughter this past weekend. The girls enjoyed eating tea sandwiches, decorating sugar cookies, and stamping fans. I want to show you some of the details. 
 I used sheets and wrapping paper as our table linens. Wrapping paper is my 'go-to' table runner for any birthday party because once the party is done then you can just throw away the sticky mess that was on  the table. I found this gold striped one at Target.
The herbal teas were put in labeled mason jars and I made a lemon strawberry cake for a dessert. The banner I got here. I made a silhouette of our birthday girl and posted it up rather quickly, but I think it turned out nice. Tomorrow, I will show you my trick on how to make these. 
My dear friend Andrea made these amazing lemon tarts for the party. She has an incredible food blog and has a tart recipe similar to the one she made here.
The girls had fun decorating paddle fans with stamps and a pencil eraser to make dots.
Overall, it was a sweet themed birthday party. Do you chose themes for your children's birthdays? I think when there is a theme to the party it is easier to do unique decorating, food and activities.


  1. This is so adorable. Perhaps Charlotte will want this for her birthday. I love the Pinkies up banner.

  2. Alexis loved the darling teaparty! It was so dang cute in there! And yes, that tart was amazing!!!