Design Inspiration Friday: Elements Of Romance In The Home

Happy Valentine's Day! We are still covered with snow from a big storm. The kids and I made a lot of fun Valentine crafts and cards for their school parties, which are all delayed now because we got so much snow. Since it's a day of romance and love I've been thinking about what makes our homes feel more romantic. Here are some ideas-most have to do with layering a room to make it cozy.
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Layering the window treatments and bedding make this room elegant and cozy. A simple white bedding with wallpaper and accents of black are striking.
Don't you want to just curl up here and read a good book?
LA COLINA CHIC- John Rosselli and Bunny williams | Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things

Something about a dark cozy room, makes me want to curl up on the couch and read.
                                                 Nate Berkus
This is one of my favorite rooms since I love a good gallery wall and the mix of fabrics.
hallway and rug color idea. BM Lead Gray 2131-30
Books give any space a cozy feel and so does a rich dark color on the walls. The rug ties all the colors together too.
the shades hung high & the panels high & wide to make the windows / room look larger. great trick.
Sue you could almost use the exact same fabric of the couch pillows on the back of your new dining room chairs. With the light blue/turquoise velvet on the front it creates a fun look! -an idea
romantic style in Madrid, Belén Maroto design
I love old homes and their beauty and charm. This one has plenty of molding details and a classic black and white checked floor.
tranquil breakfast nook
Plate walls have such a simple, elegant feel to them.
a big hutch
Who doesn't love a hutch that shows things we love and use?

All these rooms bring in romantic:
Elements of nature (i.e flowers, greenery, shells),
Mix of fabrics
Eclectic lighting
Collections and art
Putting all these elements together can help any room feel more cozy and happy. I know I'm more inspired to create more of a romantic look in my home. I hope you have a lovely weekend with your valentines.

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  1. Layering changes everything and really makes a room feel lived in and beautiful. I love the inspiration pics! It was great finding your blog and I can't wait to see more.