Design Inspiration Friday: Historic Homes, The Elms

This summer our family took a day trip to Newport, RI and toured a mansion home, The Elms. It was a misty day and I got some pictures of the exterior and the grounds. This place is amazing! Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take pictures inside (I would have had a hay day). We had a great time touring the home and my girls all enjoyed listening to their own tour. However, what they loved the most was running on the grounds. This summer residence was owned by the Berwind family (1901), who made their money in the coal industry. Mr. Berwind used the same designer and architect as the Vanderbilt's did for their summer home, the Breakers. What I enjoy about old homes are hearing more details about the lives of people long past. All the surviving mansions in Newport were rescued by the Preservation Society (they saved most of them from being torn down) and they were able to restore most of the art and furniture in the homes. So glad they did because there is a tremendous amount of American history, beauty and culture in these homes.
Inside the house are Venetian murals, tapestries, oriental jades- amazing collections everywhere. The rooms I really enjoyed the most were the butler's pantry, the servant's staircase and many of the bedroom color schemes. The interior is lavishly decorated in a Victorian/Baroque design. I guess you'll just have to go for yourself to see the whole thing. However, the grounds do not disappoint.

Behind my girls are four giant English Beech wood trees that have grown together to create one giant tree from the outside. One can only imagine how they must have had large gatherings and parties on the grounds of the estate. 
         However, inside the trees it was like a fort and full of trunks to climb on. Complete magic for our kids!

                                                                        The front entrance
                                    Have you ever toured one of the Newport mansions?

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  1. Oh I loved touring this mansion, as well as the others in Newport. Obsessed!