Fall Decorating and October Wrap Up

Happy Halloween! This month has flown by. But before the month escapes I thought I would show some of my Fall/Halloween decorating around my house. The chalkboard planters seem to work well for any season.
 I got this beautiful ice bucket at a yard sale and put in some feathers for Fall decorating. I don't know about you but I love white pumpkins and feathers!
 Our Mozart bust got a little witches hat I found at a craft store. He's definitely jazzing up the piano area (along with more white pumpkins-okay, maybe I'm a little obsessed).
If you follow me on instagram you can see some other inspiring pictures of Fall. We just turned our pumpkins into this fun BOO jack-o-lantern and made a monster door. By far, the monster door is my kid's favorite.
This month I went to a couple of antique shops, but this one place is my favorite in Northern Virginia.
Lastly, I made this large mirror this month out of $8 shingles. This project was fun because it didn't take long to make and I made it with one of my friends. I put up some more white pumpkins and some (fake) autumn grass and called it a day.

There you go, a little bit of Fall inspiration and decor around our house. Now, I'm off to make some soup and bread for those cute trick or treaters of mine. Hope you all have a great Halloween and weekend!


  1. I love your door! It is so cute maybe next year, my door is black too! Love your curtains too!

    1. Thanks! My girls really loved that we did a monster door this year for Halloween.

  2. I love everything and want to copy you.