A Few Ways To Add Pops of Pink

Happy Valentine's day (early)! I'm excited for this weekend to go out with my hubby on Valentine's day. We also have some family coming to visit for the long weekend, which will be fun. In honor of Valentine's day, I want to show some ways to add pops of pink or coral to your home. 
.wouldn't you feel so welcome to come in and see a lovely rug stretching out in front of you? Love the ceiling lamps, too!
Keep the walls white and neutral and add a Persian rug with pink in it. 
2015 Better Homes and Gardens Color Palette of the Year.  Gorgeous colors!  Especially loving Fresh Berry and Behr Essential Teal. Paint color names and brands on link.
BHG came out with their 2015 color pallet including some shades of coral, light pink and deep pink (almost purple). You would be spot on to use pops of pink in your home. 
pops of color
Add a pop of pink with ribbon trim to white curtain panels. 
styling bookshelves
Paint the back of a bookcase a pop of pink. 
If you're hesitant to paint your kid's room in their favorite bright hue, consider adding a ribbon trim insead for a bright pop of color.
family circle
Paint or use a ribbon trim around the walls of your room to give a unique look and without having to stick to that whole color on the wall.
Don't necessarily like these prints, but like the idea of a collection of small, framed prints over a couch
Use pink in a couple of pillows or art. 
Did you notice all these images have the right balance because there are neutral wall colors and pops of color? Neutral walls help so much when you want to have contrasting colors. Have you used pops of pink in your home? I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

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