It's An Ice Cream Birthday Party

This past weekend our twin girls had such a fun ice cream parlour birthday party. We are a family who loves ice cream.so this was a perfect theme.  The party was held on a hot day, there were water games and BBQ and lots of ice cream! Pretty much, I was inspired by many darling parties on Pintrest. For instance, the cake I made was a Pintrest win! Usually, my cakes turn out to look like Pintrest fails, but not this cute ice cream cone melted cake (tip: I used cotton candy as the "ice cream")!

Underneath this cake is one of their presents. It's a good idea to stack things on the table to give your eye a place to rest.
                       When our guests arrived they were greeted with streamers and an ice cream cone door.
                                           The takeaway gift: cotton candy cones. Simple and fun.

-  Cover the whip cream with some paper to go with your theme.
 - Use labels
 - Paper bowls. These were so cute!
-  Use a large tub or container for all the ice cream. If you're really organized, you could pre-scoop the ice         cream and keep it cold.
-  Make a banner using paper party napkins
-  Display toppings not in original packaging but in containers. The metal container is usually used in our home office, but line it with some large cupcake parchment and it's great for all the toppings.
-Cut out ice cream cones out of paper. My girls helped me cut them and hang them too.

Two esseential ingreadiants for an ice cream party are the caramel and fudge sauce. I love this recipe of caramel sauce and the fudge sauce is super easy too.
Fudge Sauce
2 Tablespoons butter
1 box of Baker's semi sweet chocolate (break the squares for easy melting)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Melt the butter and chocolate on low over the stove. When melted add the condensed milk. Stir and enjoy!
Outside, we had a BBQ. This picture isn't the cutest, but I had to show this cool watermelon sailboat the hubs made.
     This blow up slide contraption will get a lot of use this summer and the kids had a blast playing in it.

This was such a fun theme for a summer (or pre-summer) birthday. We absolutely love our darling girls and it's fun to see them growing up!


  1. Love those girls and perfect themed birthday party. Looks adorable.

  2. Every thing you do is amazing Tracy! So fun to see this darling party at your beautiful home! We miss you guys! Happy birthday to Bailey and Lily! Xo-

  3. Your twin daughter’s look adorable with each other and this ice cream theme party idea was amazing. That’s really great that your daughters helped you in party preparations and hang all ice cream cones on the walls. I just want to know that have you booked any halls in Los Angeles or planned your party at home?

  4. You and Kate are always so clever! Love the great ideas! :)