A Folding Screen

Recently, I found a folding screen at a thrift store (I think it is a Pottery Barn Kids). I've always liked the way a folding screen adds dimension to a room. When I was a girl my mom and Aunt reupholstered a screen that I think they found at the dump, but they turned into something very pretty with light blue flowered fabric. My sisters and I loved it! I'm thinking of putting the one I got into our daughter Lauren's room. I'm trying to decide what fabric to reupholster this screen in and it will need to be reattached. 
We painted her room a blue a little while ago, but these images are certainly progress pictures.
A screen adds a layering effect and it can be a great tool to create warmth, zone spaces and hiding clutter. If you live in an apartment, a screen is a great way to divide your space between open sections.
folding screen
I love this idea!! Right in front our ugly heater would be a great spot!  By hanging vintage pictures along a folding screen, you can change the display without adding holes to the walls. A folding screen also is a smart way to divide a room or conceal storage.
Hanging pictures on a screen is brilliant!
DIY folding screen #doors - Zelfmaakidee: Kamerscherm van twee oude deuren #kamerscherm Kijk op www.101woonideeen.nl
I love the idea of putting two doors together to create a screen.
Little Green Notebook: Folding Screens
BLUE  http://www.markdsikes.com/2012/07/12/casual-cozy-and-blue/
The room divider acts as artwork behind the bed... nice layering affect. Betsy Burnham
A little history lesson: Screens originated from the Chinese and spread throughout Asia and Europe around the time of Marco Pollo. Many Asian screens started out as a way to paint landscapes. The fashion designer Coco Chanel, was an avid collector of Asian screens (she had about 32 of them). However, most screens were born out of necessity, for privacy and as a shield from winter draft winds blowing in people's homes.
love the mirrored coffee-cocktail table,  skirted slipper chairs with silveryish fabric, mirrored folding screen, bold pillows, textured carpet, mix of beige & silver with green - comfy, fresh and stylish by Anne Hepfer - 1/30/2013
Have you ever used screens in your home? Which one of these images is your favorite? I'll show you soon what I've done with our screen. 

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  1. Such a good idea. I really like the idea of using screens as a headboard for a bedroom.

    I think my favorite it the first one with the geometric pattern.