Free Art

Art is near and dear to me.  At the University I went to I studied Art History. I surrounded myself with art by working at a museum and then a gallery for a few years and backpacked Europe with a dear friend who loved art and culture just as much as I do. I am a visual learner so art has always resonated with me. There are a couple of sites I absolutely LOVE if I want to print some beautiful vintage-y art. Since I'm still working on my gallery wall I thought I would round up some ideas for myself and share them with you. There are two sites I think have extensive works from their collections and are available to the public for printing for FREE.

Okay, you guys this site has such a collection it will take awhile to go through, but it's amazing! Here are some I might print:

                                           My love for botanical prints will never fade.
                                   Egg prints. A group of these prints would look great together.
 Bird prints

                                                                  Coral images
Shells. I love the ocean and collecting shells is something I do every summer, so these would be pretty to frame too.

The New York Public library offers over 800,000 images you can print, or buy (they print it on heavy paper with good quality)
                                     Architecture drawings would look great in a gallery wall too.

                                     Citrus prints are beautiful and also look great in a kitchen.
                                          Don't these patterns look they could all work today?
Architecture plans have always interested me. A grouping or a pair of plans could look really wonderful on the wall.
                                                                    Antique Jewelry

Vintage Christmas postcard. I like the idea of stringing a group of vintage postcards together and hanging them up, maybe around a wreath or making a garland with them.

Have you ever printed any images from these sources? I think there is a beautiful quality when there is a mix of art in our homes whether it is modern, original, photography, or printable art they all add a bit of who we are. What would you print?


  1. This is amazing and great resources. Didn't know you could print them off at home. I really like the vintage Christmas card idea.

  2. Thanks Aubrey! Hope you find something you could print too.