Barn Sale

Barn sales are very common in Maryland and the Virginia area. I went this weekend to one that made my jaw drop- LOVED IT ALL! Let's go on a small antiquing tour shall we?

                                                 I think 'I ordered the large chandelier?' Hello- those are fantastic!
                                                                  Great plate wall!
                                                          Lots of Euro screens here.
Hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did. Our family is going to New York for Thanksgiving to be with family. I'm so excited for the Holidays and this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones too. Please come back next week for some great Christmas projects that I want to show you.


  1. Oh my - I want everything, minus the chicken. Those chandeliers are amazing.

  2. That ain't no country bumpkin barn! I'm crazy obsessed with those chandeliers! I also love the silver urns! Did you get anything?

    1. I got a couple of smaller items. I need to save my pennies and come back for something big.