Art above the piano

First of all, a BIG thank you to Rene from COTTAGE AND VINE  for showing our bookshelves on her blog. I love her style as a designer and felt honored to be featured. 

We were blessed to inherit a beautiful German piano from my late grandmother, who was a talented pianist. My husband and I play a little and our girls are taking lessons. Since the library wall is complete we wanted to finish this space by hanging art above the piano. Now- what to put above it? Here is a before shot.

I looked around to get ideas before I started and here are some images below that helped me come up with the direction I wanted to go in.

framed botanicals + velvet sofa
Painting stripes in our foyer (and decorating around the piano)  http://emilyaclark.blogspot.com/2012/11/painting-stripes-in-our-foyer.html
This white-and-green living room gives a festive addition during the holidays with a large helping of potted Paperwhites displayed around the room. (Photo: Tom McWilliam)

Can anyone tell me the theme? Ding ding ding- botanical images hung by a grid pattern! Really, there are many options for art above a piano like a mirror, a large scale art piece, or a gallery wall look. However, I really liked the idea of using the botanical prints neatly lined up high in the shape of a rectangle. 
I bought the frames from JoAnn's on clearance and the lamps came from Home Goods.
Also, I'm thinking of upholstering the bench so it might be a bit more comfortable.
         This is the book I used for the framed prints. I absolutely LOVE botanical images and this book is a great one. You can get it here.

I'm loving having these botanical prints in our library/music room. I feel it adds some great color into our space.


  1. I love, love, love this! The combination of colorful prints, lamps and little bit of greenery is perfection. I want this exact look - now I just need a piano.

  2. Tracy- you really are an interior designer. Beautiful job, and great research.

  3. Love print books, they are little art gems!! Great choice here!!

    1. Thanks Karolyn for your comment. Nature is quite an inspiration. I need to frame more of these prints. I just love them.

  4. The botanical prints add a nice touch to a library room. Looks educational and smart.

  5. I love the botanical prints that you chose. Beautiful and it brings some nature into the room.

  6. This is beautiful but would look even better if the art came down a few inches.

  7. I love your botanical prints and the bookcases are super...how lucky you are to have 4 daughters and a husband who can do woodworking also!

  8. Hi! Where are the lamps from? I love them!