Progress in our Twin's Room

Since we moved into our house this past winter we have been trying to get paint on the walls, curtains and art up. Our five year old twins share this room. I don't have any good before pictures so just imagine this space with the walls in builder's flat creamy white paint (which gets dirty fast). So far we've painted their room in Benjamin Moore's Love and Happiness. It's a great shade of pink since it's so light and creamy- just what I was looking for. There are many other things I want to do with their space, but I know projects and rooms sometimes take time to get it the way you want. Note: These are progress images:
One of my favorite pieces in their room is the blue french-y dresser. I wish I could say I painted it, however, this beauty was my first piece I ever bought at Lucketts Store. The shape and color are what got me. After I bought this dresser it helped me think about how I could paint some of our furniture that needed updating. Really, it was an inspirational piece for me!
The world map is a great etsy find by Judy Kaufmann. I really like the idea of maps in children's bedrooms so they might learn a bit of geography when they have some downtime. This wall will be fun to work on! Since we have identical twins, I think this picture (below) would be perfect in their room too.
Twins & Identical Twins Print - 8x10 or A4
                                                         Judy Kaufmann

                                               And this one (they love bugs).
Bug Print - Ladybug
                                                         Rifle Paper Co.

Some of the art we have put up are Jessie Willcox prints. Have you seen her art before? She was an American painter who captured tender moments of childhood. Sometimes my girls will look at these prints and say things like, "I'm like the girl reading her book in the window." Here are some other darling images.

These two are such hams! They helped me make the watercolor banner for their fifth birthday. Their room needed a bit more color so up goes the banner for the time being. We got the idea here.
                                               More updates with this room down the road.


  1. Love that dresser and how you've organized a shared space.

    1. Thanks Aubrey! It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along.

  2. I LOVE Jesse Wilcox, along with Mary Cassatt! Lovely! Glad I found your blog. i'm planning for our house in VA.=-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Taryn. Mary Cassatt is another favorite of mine and I almost talked about her in this post too, but she might need her own post since she is a favorite of mine.

  3. What a whimsical space :) I'd love if my room looked like that as a little girl.

    x Elizabeth of Thompson & Prince

    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth! I'm still working on their space so more pictures are coming.