Plate It

Antique plates and china are not only pretty to eat off of but they look amazing on the walls of a home. Do you feel drawn to beautiful china and patterns? I do! In my last house, I had some plates up in our kitchen and loved the look of it and I plan to do something similar in our new house soon. Thanksgiving is around the corner - any of these plates would make great dessert plates too. Here are some of my favorite plate wall ideas and plates.

Black Dot Dessert Plate
                                                                 school house electric
Nathalie Lete Dessert Plate  #anthropologie #anthrofav

                                                              The Frosted Petticoat

Shanna Murray Salad Plates #westelm
                                                                       west elm
Dessert plates bedecked with blooms...
A gorgeous home tour from On Sutton Place via www.atthepicketfence.com
nuevo estilo via downandoutchic Plate Collages (The Art of Creative Plate Hanging)
Love this plate wall from Naptime Decorator
This Little Estate: Not your Grammas plate wall
I think...yes!
                                                    Cottage and Vine
plates via canadianhouseandhome via apartmenttherapy Plate Collages (The Art of Creative Plate Hanging)

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  1. I always love plates from Anthropologie but I'm also attracted to Blue Willow.