Hamptons Darling!

My sister-in-law and I took a fun day trip to the Hamptons while we were in New York for Thanksgiving (she doesn't live far from it). Have you ever been to the Hamptons? Well, darling, I'm going to show you a few places we went to and homes I got pictures of because this place is ridiculously charming. Doesn't this look like a scene from, Somethings Gotta Give movie- probably because it is!

First stop, Tate's Bakeshop. Ina Garten recommends this store in one of her cookbooks (love Ina!) and their cookies are really amazing. I loved that it was just after Thanksgiving and they still had their beautiful Harvest display out.
   We went to designer Chris Mead's shop, English Country Antiques where they had many inspiring pieces of furniture. They buy from mostly England and Europe and oh boy- it's gorgeous!
Sorry for the fuzzy picture but this piece of ivory inlay detail needed to be shown.
How cool is this puzzle piece table!
This store was a "look only" store for me since we're talking Hamptons prices folks. 
 Somethings Gotta Give
One thing I love about the movie Somethings Gotta Give, is the house and interior space which is a great example of Hamptons style- beach meets classic.

Now let's see a few homes-
I really like the geometric design in between these two windows.

We happened to be driving by Martha's house and admired her teal gate and matching trim. We drove around where the large estate homes are and it was so pretty, but I didn't want to trespass so I just snapped a few pictures from the car. 
This was one of our favorite homes on our drive since my sister-in-law and I both have a love for black shutters, dormers and large gnarly trees.
Hope you enjoyed a short tour of some of the Hamptons. Thanks Lia for our fun day out! Really, it's a beautiful place and I think I need to go back- when it's warmer.


  1. How fun! I would love to stroll around those shops and homes.

    1. You should go sometime. It's a beautiful place. Thanks for your comment.