How To Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Look Not So Fake

 Yes, we are one of those families that have a fake tree. We love it! Putting this tree up is simple: three sections come together, fluff, pre-lit- enough said. However, I adore a real Christmas tree. For quite a few years now, it's been cost effective and like I said- simple to just put up what we have and be happy. In order to make our tree look not so fake I have done a few things that I think really help it look more real.
 Here is how our girls decorated the tree with all their ornaments. Not bad, but maybe it needs a little more decorating. I have been trying to go through some of my Christmas decorations and weed out the things I do and don't want anymore. I came up with a few sections of my favorites: star fish, ribbon, handmade fan ornaments, old Christmas cards turned into ornaments, and some cream and gold balls.

I had some clear glass balls I got last year on clearance that I painted mint condition, the leftover paint from the craft closet project
 Once it dried, I dry brushed on some splatters of pink paint to give it a textured look. Dry brushing requires very little paint on a dry brush and a paper towel to wipe off extra paint before you start paint. I simply swished some all around.
Add some real greenery in there to give it a fuller look. I also added several berry branches I clipped from our backyard. I wrapped the tree in the green striped ribbon. Throw in some pine cones and dried hydrangea and it's getting fuller. The point is to fill some of those gaps and give it a bit more texture.  
I also used some extra fabric I had in our house and wrapped it around as the base. Who says you need a tree skirt anyway? What I really love is the look with Christmas trees in buckets or baskets. Maybe next year. This year, our tree has quite a mix of treasured, handmade ornaments, natural elements and lights! Do you feel like you need to do some extra layers to your fake tree? I would love to hear and see what you've done!

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  1. I love the idea of adding real branches into the fake tree! Amazing!!