Design Inspiration Friday: Art In The Bathroom

Don't you love something to look at when your in a bathroom? Bathrooms have such potential to be a serene or inspirational space. I tend toward the nautical look when it comes to bathrooms, and I really enjoy a gallery wall look in there too. I'm still working on our navy powder room with some art and thought I would give us all some pretty images to get inspired.
Benjamin Moore "Calypso Blue"
House of Turquoise: Jules Duffy Designs | bathroom
                                           Jules Duffy
powder room
The only problem with this bathroom is if you have littles- don't you think this might be hard to keep things in working order and clean with images and prints that low? However, I do love how it's a mixed gallery throughout.
gorgeous blues
Plates? Yes please! I think of plates like art so they can go on any wall in almost any space.
bathroom by Trisha Brink Design
Tropical bathroom, shells on shelves. Easy to #DIY, and looks stylish! #HomeDecor #Interior #Decoration
Powder Rooms with Pizzazz, from Elle Decor.  Ornamentea uses a similar approach in their ladies'.  Makes me wish I had a room to try this on, esp. with the library book sale coming up next week.
                                                   Elle Decor
           I love how all these prints are used like wallpaper- this is amazing!
coastal living
                                                           Tim Clarke 
                                      This one is super serene and classy. 
Navy bathroom with artwork
You can't go wrong with a classic navy and a collection of images.
Have you put any inspiring images in your bathrooms? Do tell.


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  2. The powder room on our main floor was very plain and the toilet is opposite the basin (and opposite the mirror - hmmm). The wall behind the toilet was so bland so I put a shelf above it and then placed a few decorative items on the shelf. I have a picture frame, a blue mason jar and a little white bunny at the moment. I switch out the picture all the time to change it up. For the last year I had some free printables from Emily at Jones Design Company rotating through the frame (if you sign up for her newsletter you get access to her free printables archive - the prints I used are called summer essentials, winter essentials, spring essentials and fall essentials - they are watercolour paintings by her). Right now, I have a different Spring themed free printable in there. Long answer but I can't leave without saying how much I love that blue striped bath up there!

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