Snowball Ice Cream

We've had quite a bit of snow this winter. When we get a good snow fall I like to make snowball ice cream for my girls. My mom used to make this for my sisters and I growing up in New England (where we get a lot of snow). It's fun for kids to make and enjoy on a winter day. 
Clean, fresh snow 
Pitted cherries and juice of cherry
Mix sugar (usually a few tablespoons) and a tablespoon of vanilla in a bowl and then scoop into individual sized cups. For the toppings add as much or as little of each to make your snowball ice cream. It really ends up being like a slushy. Kids really go crazy for the idea that you can make your own sweet treat with snow in the backyard. 
What's not to love eating snowball ice cream in warm cozy pajamas? Have you made snowball ice cream before? Hope you try it the next time it snows, or next winter. I think we are done with snow now- right Mother Nature?

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  1. So cute. Now I just need to find clean snow in the city.