Shopping Quickly Through IKEA

I recently went to IKEA and thought I would share my tips on shopping quickly through the store. I have a love/dislike for IKEA because of how cool it is but also how it can be a bit overwhelming when you go- and time consuming. Here is how I have shopped IKEA lately and it's helped me:
1. Go on their website or look through their catalog first to determine what you need for your space.
2. Budget and bring your list of items you want to get.
3. Go in through the market place/ warehouse area first! This will help you go straight to the sale/As-Is section. Ikea doesn't really want you to do this because they want you to meander through for a long time in their show rooms and go through the whole market place and then go to the sale section at the end. However, I found going the opposite way they want you to go, is faster.
After you've gone through the warehouse you end up in the plant section- which is a great place to be since we all could use a bit of green in our homes.
Haddon Interiors | brights | fiddle leaf fig
I was really looking for a fiddle-fig tree (like this one), but alas they were plum out. Boo hoo- next time.

Then, you'll get to the storage and frames and lighting section (this is where I was the longest) I saw these sconces and thought I might do an IKEA hack like Lisa did here.
Ikea Wall Light Hack
                                                                   Shine Your Light

I did go upstairs to quickly look around and noticed they have some nice plate racks. I think putting two side by side or up and down would look great. Like this:
 Shabby chic kitchen
great idea, plate rack into a book rack - Interior Stina Ballerina!
Of course, plate racks are perfect for books too in children's rooms.
ikea spice racks as book shelves, we need these for baby girls room.
                                                apartment therapy
However, I did get a few of their $3 spice racks that I will use for one of my daughter's rooms like this one.
I really love the tableware section too and and enjoyed all the bright colors in their new designs inspired by Japanese prints.

Well, there you have it- another trip to IKEA done quickly. Do you have any IKEA shopping tips?


  1. I agree with all your points and I love those sconces.

  2. Yes, I do have a tip. Take a friend! :) I will definitely go with you next time!

    1. That's right! I need another pair of eyes on the lookout for all the good stuff!

  3. My tip would be ........ DON'T go there! Seriously though, I love their stuff, but being disabled with a severe back problem I find it very difficult to find the things I want, and then queuing up to pay for them is a nightmare, so ...................... next shop I do is going to be online, their delivery prices aren't cheap, but by the time you take into account your fuel to get there, parking prices, and the stress and pain I endure, it's well worth it.

    Judi in the UK