Valentines Day Abstract Art

I like to give my daughters a little handmade gift on Valentine's Day if I can. I decided since my girls need some more art work in their room to do a quick small abstract they can hang on a gallery wall or lean against a mirror or other frame. I love how abstract art brings in pops of color. This small canvas didn't take me long. I found the process so freeing and fun! Here was my go at making some small abstracts.
 First, I painted my canvas white. After it dried for a bit, I swished on different acrylic paints and blended them until I was satisfied with my bit of color.
                     Have you ever done an abstract piece? I think I'm ready for a big canvas now.


  1. Great idea and great paintings. I love them!

    1. Thanks Aubrey! It was a fast and fun project that the girls will like as a gift.