California Dreaming

Last weekend (right before the ORC reveal) I was in San Diego area and had never been there before so I soaked in the sun and enjoyed some time with my man (sans children). All I have to say is, now I understand why so many people want to live in California! It's so pretty and beautiful weather almost all the year long (and no mosquitoes!). I'm sharing some pictures of the trip today. I took plenty of pictures of palm trees, probably because it's so exotic to me, being from Maryland.  
We went over to Coronado Island and visited the historic 1888 Hotel del Coronado- which is stunning.
The dark wood interior of the lobby area of the hotel has original paneling, lighting and even the gold metal on the elevator shafts.
I found loads of inspiration in their gardens there.
Balboa Park is another beautiful area we went to where there are museums, a zoo, gardens, and theaters. I really enjoyed the Spanish architecture of many of the buildings.
Another place we went to is La Jolla, where they have gorgeous beaches, hiking and caves. We went hiking and toured a cave. There are seals and pelicans a plenty here.
My sweetheart and I also celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! Love this guy!
                                    This is a view of someone's back yard- how cool is that?
I had a great time and hope we can go back as a family. There is a lot to do and see in this area. Thanks for letting me share this trip. I would love to hear if you've ever been to San Diego or live there. What's your favorite place?


  1. The San Diego area is one of my favorites - so glad you had a wonderful trip there!

  2. Your pics make me miss the west coast! Especially California! Love it! So glad you got to go!

  3. I love your pictures. You look so beautiful! I am happy to see that you had fun in California and got to spend some time alone with Steve. Miss you! Hopefully we can catch up soon.