DIY: Bar Cart and Gold Leaves Mirror

It's been awhile since the Creating with the Stars competition when I  made the bar cart and gold leaves mirror for the Up- Cycle portion. I had so much fun working with Kate as my blogging mentor for the contest. I had found this side table or shelf at a thrift store and envisioned it to look like a sleek bar cart.
I took the table apart in order to prime the whole thing (I used an oil based spray). I took the side paneling off too so that I could get a cleaner look. For the paint, I decided on a Kelly green, SW Espalier at 50% and painted three coats. I bought some casters for the cart so that it would be easy to move it around.
The mirror: I already had a round shaped mirror which needed a bit of an update so it was perfect to transform it into a larger mirror with gold leaves and give it a sun bust look. I started off using aluminum cans but found that using flashing was more economical. Flashing is a roll of aluminium found in hardware stores (inexpensive $8 for a roll) and sturdier than soda can aluminum.
cutters (for metal)
mallet and scraper ( to make dents for the leaves)
spray paint (Rustoleum Gold)
hot glue
Once the leaves were cut I dented them using a wood block as the base, a scraper (to make the vein) and hammer.
                  We've used this cart for several parties now. I love how festive it can look for any occasion.
We've since used this cart for a bridal shower, that I hosted. It came in handy holding all the things that I didn't want on the food table.
Now, it's turned into a cart for our girl's crafts and summer workbooks. I absolutely love this cart and the numerous ways it can be used.

Side tables are found often at thrift shops and I think they look good when they are updated with paint and casters. Mirrors are often expensive but adding some gold leaves to a mirror doesn't take long and gives it a glamorous look.


  1. Loved this project, so excited you finally shared the tutorial, bravo on making it so far and we all look forward to more inspirational projects!

  2. I love how these two projects turned out too. Thanks for all your help Kate. You are such an inspirational person to work with! Good luck with your new remodel home! Can't wait to see what you do there.

  3. Tracy you are so clever! I love the green you chose for the bar cart, it is so fresh and fabulous! I just sold the bar cart I made from a changing table….it didn't fit in my living room after I did the bookcases. I'm super sad about it and am on the hunt for a smaller table to use as one. In the winter we used it as a cocoa station and the kids loved that!

    1. Thank you! You are so clever Lisa. How cool you took a changing table and re-made it as your bar cart. I hope you find a new one.

  4. Everything about this project is impressive. Such a creative idea about the mirror and I love the Kelly Green color!

  5. You make it all look so easy and effortless! I'm crazy about both of the projects- great ideas!

  6. I'm a sucker for a good bar cart - love yours! And seriously, I can't believe that you hand made that mirror - it's just crazy gorgeous!!

    1. Kris, thank you for your kind comment. I like the mirror, but might alter it a bit. I didn't get the patina look that I wanted for the gold. My girls really love the cart and it's fun to have all their craft supplies on hand for the summer.