Summer Planning

My girls are now out of school for summer break.  Yea!! The last weeks have been filled with field trips, softball games, field days, and school projects. I love having my girls home for summer and look forward to spending time with them. Every summer, we love to go up to Massachusetts to spend time with cousins and family (these are some pictures from last year). I'll be showing you some of the rooms in our home there that my family and I have worked on over the years- like this one with nautical charts.

The last couple of years I've made a summer schedule for our girls. Daily routines can help things go smoothly in our house. For our reading program we do "Penny a Page." For every page they read they get a penny. My older girls keep track of their book pages and do book reports on the books they read and then they get some cash at the end of the summer- major motivation. They love it! And so do I, since it helps them with their reading and writing skills. 
For the past few summers my friend Elinn and I hold an Art Camp. Last summer we taught drawing, sewing, crafts, and baking. We'll be gearing up for Art Camp again this summer. I held art camp in my house last year and many of the neighbor kids and friends from school came and enjoyed learning new skills.

I'll be showing  you some of the projects we'll be doing for Art Camp this year. We'll be teaching two groups: a younger and older age group. I can't wait! It's good to have some summer plans. What about you? Got any fun plans for the summer?


  1. What great Summer plans! I love the idea of an art camp! Can't wait to see some art projects you do with them!

    1. Our Art camp is fun and busy for a week. This year we will do an older kids and younger kids class. I can't wait to show you some of the projects.

  2. Hi Tracy!I love your blog ! You have a new follower from Chile