Lighten Up (The Staircase, Part I)

Captain's House stairwell-- great contrast.  linen white + dark wood
Basically, I've been a blogging slacker. I'm still here, but have been a bit busy with our girls who are now out of school for summer. I've been staring at a lot of stair images recently (no pun intended). I knew it was time to lighten things up in our entry. I'm drawn to white stair risers and white trim wood work. To me it looks so classic.
tropical staircase by Mackle Construction
 Our front entry has a great staircase going up and connects to a back stair case that leads to the kitchen. We love it, but are ready for some lightening up and contrast.(Beach towels drying up top give you a clue that we've been at the pool a bit this summer.) 
First, the hubs frog taped the risers for me so that I could get to work. Next up, I sanded the risers.
Once it was sanded and wiped down I put on one coat of Zinzer oil based primer. I let it dry overnight. The oil base primer adheres the best to the wood.
 Off the entry is our dining room where we installed board and batten when we first moved in.  I love how the white looks so clean in here with some architectural detail. This is some good inspiration for the staircase hallway.
 After three coats of white trim paint (semi-gloss) it's looking much brighter.
Next up-  the railings will go black and dramatic. The walls will get some white trim work too. I can't wait to finish the transformation this week. 


  1. SO pretty, Tracy!! What a huge difference, have fun finishing it up between trips to the pool! :)

    1. Thanks Pam! Pool days and home projects are the good life! Hope you're having a great summer.

  2. Love what you did and I think black railings will be perfect. Looks great so far! I'm always impressed with the projects you're doing.

  3. Oh yes, that white brings the stairs from drab to fab- love it!