DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

I love a good chandelier! They can be pricey but if you have a standard five arm chandelier and want to dress it up a bit then you've come to the right place.
My chandy was silver, when we replaced it with a different chandelier in our dining room and put our old one in the basement... to be forgotten for awhile. Once we started work on our laundry room for the ORC, I remembered the chandy in the basement collecting dust. Light bulb moment!
    I love how this light looks in our laundry room with the turquoise beads in between the wood beads.
1. Paint chandelier/spray paint. I sprayed mine a dark grey/brown.
2. Drill 4 holes. You want a very small drill to go through near the edge of the metal. This is where you will make your knot around a small round gold hoop to the fishing line.
3. String beads on fishing line. You want the string to be clear. There are craft clear strings, but don't get the stretchy clear kind. You can choose whatever beads you want, but I liked the idea of the natural wood bead with a some turquoise. Stringing and tying might take awhile so put on an old movie and have fun.
4. Tie up and enjoy!
Here are the beads I used to string. You can buy these on Amazon or craft stores. I bought mine at Michael's and used some coupons.
Work in progress... to get to this:

What a difference a light makes! This room used to have a single nipple light. Now it's gorgeous! Have you ever made a chandy? This was my first experience making one and it really felt like stringing jewelry up on our light.Well, I better go fold some laundry now in my fancy- chandy laundry room.  


  1. I love this! I need to show it to my daughter because I think it would be perfect for her room - so cute Tracy!

    1. I almost put this chandelier in my daughter's room too, but it was a $ saver for the laundry room. It was surprisingly easy to do. Have a great weekend Kris.