Christmas at Lucketts

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, my mind has turned to ideas of how I'm going to decorate for the holidays. We'll be home for both occasions and I'm really looking forward to it. With four little girls at home, it's bound to be full of excitement and traditions. 

This is about the time of year, I'm looking for great ideas and ways I can make some of our decorations so it's affordable. Every November, the Lucketts Antique Store has a big Christmas weekend with charming decorations and glorious Christmas pageantry on display in their Design House. Who knows- maybe it will get those wheels turning in your head on how you'll decorate for the season. 
The entrance is uber charming with greenery, berries and gorgeous furniture. 
This light fixtures here blow me away! I also loved the branches with felt snowballs on the table. 
                            What a fun room! I love the bright red and turquoise blues throughout.
            I had some shopping buddies with me,  aka- my twins, who loved all the sparkles in here too. 
Hand me the glitter and pine cones! I'm getting excited about the coming month! How about you? Are you already scheming DIY decorating for the Holidays or is it just me?

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