How To Make: Canvas Ornaments

Are you feeling the hustle and bustle of the season already? I don't know about you, but I'm still working on some Christmas decorating. I made some really fun reindeer canvases at a craft night with a bunch of ladies. It was great fun and it gave me the idea to make small mini canvases for the Christmas tree this year. There are many possibilities to make with these canvases.

All you need is:
* mini canvases (mine were on sale for .80 cents)
* thin paint brush
* scissors
* Modge Podge glue
* make your own stencil: type in Google deer silhouette or bird silhouette, etc. All sorts of images will come up. Once you pick one then you can paste it in a word doc. and change the size, print then cut.
* glitter
* string
* tacs

Once you've drawn out your design or stenciled an image on to your canvas, simply paint on the Modge Podge and then tap some glitter onto the glue. Then tap the excess glitter off of the canvas (this is where a paper plate comes in handy) and you have a sweet new and inexpensive ornament.
Things are looking more festive over here. I'm still working on the tree a bit more, but I think it's starting to look fuller and cheery. Have you made any ornaments for your tree? I would love to hear what you've done.