Affordable Gift Guide for the Hostess

Gift Guide for the Hostess
1. Hot chocolate (my favorite)  2. Throw blanket   3. Boxwood wreath (you could make this too!)
4. Monogram mugs  5. Gold serving set  6. Potted Herbs (I get mine at Lowes or Wegmans)  7. Gourmet jam (or homemade, it's the best)  8. Kitchen towels (a fresh new towel is such a treat)  9. Cookies or chocolates  in a cute package (these are so great if they are homemade too) 10. Pine scented candles

Tis' the season to attend parties! I came up with some quick ideas you could buy or make to bring to the hostess of the party. These ideas are also great for teacher gifts. What are your favorite gifts to give at a party? 

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