Art for Children's Rooms

Etsy Art Children's rooms

1. Map        2. Clouds art, Emily Jeffords        3. Similar one Here
4. Whales chart       5. Stand Tall      6. Ampersand screen print 

Lately, I've been organizing our twin's room and realized I don't have much art work in there. It's a room I've put on the back burner for awhile. Do you have rooms like that in your house too? I found some darling art work on Etsy, where I love to shop. Also, I thought I would show some other great ideas for the DIYer who doesn't mind making some art, or displaying their children's art. 

Children's paintings framed as art / by Sawyer Berson
Simply frame your children's paintings. Give them a brush and some paper and you'll have your very own abstract originals. 

Timothy's Nursery Design
You could easily create your own pen-net like this IMAGINE one. 

Frame some lovely fabric. 

Last year, I made this silhouette print for one of our daughter's rooms. They're actually very easy to make. 

Great idea to make heart art out of Instagram pics.
Bright Bold & Beautiful
I love collage art, especially displaying family faces.

Why have I not cut out my own ampersand with some colorful fabric?

There are so many great ideas for printing out free art, making your own art or displaying your children's art. What have you done in your children's rooms for art on the walls? I hope to show you some progress soon of the twins room, at present, it's a bit on the scary side. 


  1. That sounds like a fun project Tracy! I think that being able to use fun art and wall decor is one of the most fun things about decorating kids rooms - I love your ideas!!

    1. Thanks Kris! I love decorating kids spaces. You can do some fun colorful things in there. Hope you are doing well and have a great weekend!