Cute Valentine Card for Schoolmates

Lately, in our house you will see the craft table covered in pink and red papers, glitter and paints. My girls are getting ready for their Valentine card handouts at school. I really enjoy looking at Pintrest and blogs for original ideas. However, this year, I came up with a chocolate coin in the center of a watercolor heart. I found some chocolate coins in the dollar isle of Target and had my darling girl paint watercolor hearts and voila... a simple and cute Valentine's card.
I just love the way watercolor hearts turn out. Are your kids in the middle of Valentine cards too? 


  1. These are darling!!! And it looks like your daughter is having fun making them. Hope you both have a great Valentine's Day!

    1. These little goodies just went off today for the Valentine's day party. Hope you have a great VDAY too!