A Boring Wall and Some Inspirations

I guess I took a nice break after the One Room Challenge. I didn't really mean to, but time gets away fast! Thank you for all your kind comments on our bedroom- we love how it turned out. I will be posting how we made all our DIYs this week and next. 
I move furniture around our house often enough and came to this wall in our family room. Originally, I had a blue dresser here under the white mirror, but it since has moved behind our couch. This area is looking a bit boring. I do however like how the big DIY statement mirror turned out on the opposite wall. I freshened up our mantel with some white (mostly spray painted) vases and honeysuckle from the backyard. 

Love it! Back to the subject... a boring wall...what to do? The bench doesn't need to go here and I'm looking at putting a console table over here. Also some art or plates on the wall with the mirror would look more interesting. 
I was at Chartreuse last weekend (it's my local barn shop) and my friend Candace who has a space called Rubbish in the barn gave me a great idea.

For an easy DIY console: get two turkey crates,  put some barn wood on top and  you've got a cool farm side board that looks unique. What a genius and simple idea. If you're a local, you really should check her area out- she has beautiful things. I guess if I were to make this table, I would need to become friends with a turkey farmer to get vintage turkey crates. Here are some inspirations for styling, art and consoles that I'm looking at:

Parquet Reclaimed Wood Console Table               pottery barn
This console is styled to perfection with a whole shell/nautical theme. 
                                                                              Why not double up the mirrors?
                            The upholstered stools and frames surrounding this mirror are perfection.
There are many beautiful ideas out there for consoles. I'll keep you updated on this space now that it's on my radar. Do you have a boring wall in your house?


  1. Love all of these inspiration images and looking forward to seeing what magic you work with your space!

  2. I love the mantel with all those white vases- so pretty!