Museum Day

Have you done a museum day lately? We went to a couple of museums as a family recently and had a beautiful time. Fortunately, we don't live too far from D.C, where there are many museums to choose from to visit. I absolutely love museums since I studied Art History and have worked in the education side of a museum too. There are a few tips I have found help with my young children when going to an art museum or any museum. (Do you think I can say museum some more?)
First- Do your homework. Go to the museum's website and make sure you look over their hours, collection and special exhibitions. You need to be selective about what you see in a large museum since it would be visually too much to do the whole thing in one day for children (even adults). Most museums have a wonderful education program which can help you take a guided or audio tour. Learn about some history or their collection before you go- that way you can appreciate what you will be seeing.
Second- Explain things simply, briefly and be enthusiastic with your children when teaching them in a museum! Remember, you are the teacher here.
Third- Know your children's limits! When kids are done- like breaking down or getting too fidgety- its time for a change of scene, or time to go home.
Now let's tour shall we? 
The gem collection at the Natural History Museum is my favorite! The Hope diamond is there too and always busy with people, but if you go around the corner over to the rainbow of minerals- you are in for a treat of beautiful colors produced by our earth's elements.
 My girls also really enjoy the bugs and butterfly section of the Natural History Museum. We make sure to stop in there for awhile whenever we come. We went into their enchanting butterfly observatory which was a hit! Highly recommend!
Outside walking to another museum I enjoyed looking at the old Smithsonian gates that still had pretty greenery up. Love the birch wood between the slats!
More ideas while in a museum: Play an "eye spy" game with your kids!
 Take a funny picture. 
Take time to explore and read. 
I enjoy the museum building itself with it's beautiful architecture and gardens. 
Next stop, the Freer Gallery, which houses Asian art and a substantial collection of American expatriate artist, James McNeill Whistler works.
 Whistler's Peacock room has been something I've been meaning to visit for some time and let me tell you- it does not disappoint! Gold, ancient Egyptian pottery, dark blue green walls- complete with every intricate detail you can think of- it's in this dining room. What an inspiration!
Once we came home our girls promptly set up their own museum display. Guess they enjoyed their day! If you are feeling the need to be inspired in your home, job, or artistically- I suggest going to a museum and soaking in some new ideas. I am constantly amazed, educated and uplifted when I go to museums. Are you?


  1. Did I spy a new camera in your reflection? I love museums. We took Des to the American history museum over Christmas and he loved the transportation section. I can't wait until he can read and soak it in!

  2. Why yes, yes you did Anna! Got a new camera for Christmas and I'm thrilled. Glad you guys went to the American History Museum- I love that one too.