CWTS Voting Week 2 and Mount Vernon

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I turned in my second project for the East Coast Creative Contest. You can go HERE to vote for your favorite PAINT project. The voting is open Monday and Tuesday and you only have one vote (that's the tricky part because its hard to choose). I'm so pleased with the way the my paint design came out. I'll let you know which one is mine on Wednesday.

Speaking of paint, I was completely inspired by a historical home I visited last week. I went to George and Martha Washington's home, Mount Vernon, on a field trip with my daughter's class. Mount Vernon is one of my favorite historical homes and I couldn't pass up a field trip there! The day we went it was drizzly with rain and chilly (note: go to Mount Vernon when it's a warm sunny day, you'll be much happier).

I absolutely love touring historical homes. There is much to learn about design and architecture. Even celebrities today are influenced in design by historical homes like Rob Lowe and his wife designed their California home to look similar to Mount Vernon.
Rob Lowe
                                                                       Architectural Digest
I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside because it is a preserved home. However, I gathered some examples of some of the bold painted rooms to show you just how timeless these styles still are today. In the 18th century, it was a sign of wealth when you used bold colors in your home. Thank goodness paint is more affordable in our day.

Talk about a 'wow' effect with varying shades of turquoise and green in the grand dining room. The Washington's hosted many people in their home and I imagine they used their dining rooms often. Washington said about his home, that it was a "well resorted tavern."

The parlor has some of the best examples of colonial Virginia architecture (the columns lining the door and the fireplace mantel) and was painted in a "fashionable Prussian blue."

The smaller dining space is a bright green with gold frames. The picture doesn't show underneath the table is a black and white checkerboard inset.

The library might not be considered bold, but it is warm with the honey colored wood and a black door, which looks classic.

                                         (All interior photos via)
Aren't these rooms gorgeous? I know I'm inspired to be more bold with my paint. How about you? Have you gone bold in a room in your home?


  1. Fingers crossed for you, my friend! I would've thought I could pick out your project every time, but I'm clueless!! We took a family vacation to DC a couple years ago and loved visiting Mt. Vernon on a rainy day as well! :)

    1. Thanks for your support Pam. I wish I could tell everyone my project too, but I can't say until it's all the voting is done. I'm so glad your family was able to visit Mt. Vernon- it's really a great design and garden inspiration for us today.

  2. Mt. Vernon's decor blew me away the first time I visited- I always thought old homes used drab neutrals. I was pleasantly surprised by all the COLOR! It's a great inspiration!