Spring Updates and Week 3 Voting

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                          Round 3: Upcycle - Creating with the Stars is now live and open for voting!! #cwts2014 #upcycle #DIY #ontheblog #vote
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. My family and I enjoyed some overdue sunshine and did some Spring cleaning and organizing. Organizing is contagious for me because once I've organized one thing, I'm ready to tackle the next area. I also turned in my latest project for the UPCYCLE week for the CWTS contest. The voting is open to all Monday and Tuesday. Go vote HERE and then come back on Wednesday and I can show you which one was mine! I really like how my project turned out and can't wait to start putting up some tutorials soon.

This past Saturday, East Coast Creative featured my tutorial for the Baby Blues Hutch. You can go see how we made it HERE.

Lighter and more pastel colors are inspiring me for this time of year. There are a few areas in our home that can really be affordablely updated with color, fabric and texture. I came up with a few categories that I want to spruce up: the sofa, the table, and the walls.

Spring Updates
Spring Updates by tracylaverty 

Pillows:   1/       2/         3/      4 / 
Table:   1/       2/        3/      4/
Art:       1/         2/        3/       4/ 

                                             Have you started doing any Spring updating? I would love to hear about it. 

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