A Day At Monticello

Last weekend our family took a day trip to visit Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. I've wanted to see this Neo-classical house and estate for some time now. Our whole family had a fun day. There is a great children's museum, on the estate, where kids can play and learn about life in the early 1800's. 
They loved writing with quills. 
                                                                         So did I!

                                        The kitchen was in the basement, where it is cooler.
                             Some things don't go out of style, like copper pots and open shelving.
                           The white brick and farm house table in the middle too are classic and pretty.
Jefferson was quite the scientist, inventor and architect. He designed his home after studying the architecture in Europe, especially that of Italian structures. He was the first to design a clock on the outside of his home.
He was thought of as crazy for having so many tall windows (because of the draft in the winter) but he double panned them and closed off rooms if they were too cold. 
Monticello's Parlor
During the tour we were not permitted to take pictures inside, but these are a few rooms that I thought were beautiful and interesting (found on Monticello's site). The formal parlor room has two pianos, plenty of inspirational people on the walls and gorgeous mirrors. I would love to hang pictures like this someday. 
Monticello's South Square Room
His daughter used this blue room with accents of red as a place to run the home and take care of her twelve children (and all their schooling).
Monticello's Library (Book Room)
Of course, he had a tremendous library full of beautiful books.
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello-  Dining Room
The dining room has blue and white wedge wood on the mantle. The yellow in the room is so rich and bright. I'm always amazed at how the colonists and revolutionists used bold colors in their interiors. 

There are so many gardens on the estate. Our twins loved finding butterflies in the flowers. 
And doing somersaults on the lawn. 
The plantation is set on a hill with a remarkable view. The vegetable gardens are full of old world charm.  
I'm crazy about the petite brick room overlooking the land. The top fence structure with it's fretwork and pattern are quite the inspiration. 
There are also some hiking trails all around the area. We had a wonderful time learning more about Thomas Jefferson and life back then. If you haven't gone- it's definitely a place I recommend.

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