Affordable Kitchen Stools

Our kitchen island still houses mismatched chairs. When we first moved in I wanted to change them
right away but we needed curtains, rugs and paint and ... lots of things. Our island, in the kitchen has
a curve and can easily seat four in which chairs with a backing would look best. However, I do love
the look of backless stools as well. Recently, I've found some affordable kitchen stools that might help
you and me find something either neutral or with a color pop that works for your kitchen.
Affordable Kitchen Stools

1. Director's Chair $74          2. X Back $105                        3. Tufted $100               4. Windsor $90
5. Mint x2 $89                      6. Mustard Metal $80                7. Industrial $84            8. Pop of Red $70


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    -Wanderlust Rach <3

  2. I like all of these. I especially like the look of upholstered chairs; however, feel like it's not such a good idea with little kids.

  3. Great picks! I love the tufted one! You could always try spraying it down with scotch guard first.

  4. I also like tufted one kitchen stool from this list. Not just because of style and design but it seems very comfortable.