One Room Challenge, Week 4 Art and DIY's

Thanks for stopping by today to see the progress of our master bedroom. You guys, this past week flew! There is still lots to accomplish in the room and I'm glad we have a deadline of six weeks since it pushes me to get it done. Cue the panic attack (Just kidding)! This weekend we'll have some time between kid's sport activities to finish most of the DIY projects. Fingers crossed.
You would be so proud of me, I finally ordered some photos of our family and places we love. Why does it take me so long? I like the idea of black and white photos to keep it simple for our room. Here are some art inspirations for our room.
Mostly there are cute family faces in black and white, but I also printed off some pictures I took of Martha's Vineyard where we like to go every summer. This is one of them:
I'm also working on some shell art in the shadow boxes that my hubby made. My collection of shells is not this extensive but here is an inspiration image:
I'm also looking at a floor length mirror for one of the walls. I looked at HomeGoods the other day and they have quite a few that might look good. I better make a decision soon. I like this one from Kirkland's too.

The headboard is almost done. We installed DIY French cleats for the backing and I used a white heavyweight curtain as the fabric. We still need to put on the upholstery tacks.
Lots of our DIYs are started or almost done, so I hope to have more completed pictures for you next week. You can see what I've done in week 1,2, and 3. Stop by and check out my friend's progress in the ORC and the 20 designers who are all working hard.


  1. oooh i love that photo from martha's vineyard.

  2. I like the shadow boxes of shells. Great idea. I can't wait to see the final project done.

  3. Just getting caught up on your ORC posts - loving it so far! That top gallery wall inspiration photo has been one of my all time favs!! I LOVE a good black and white gallery wall :) I can't wait to see what you do with the walls and the room overall... have a great weekend! ~Rachael

  4. You have some great inspiration! I'm excited to see it all come together!

  5. That picture from Martha's Vineyard is beautiful. I'm sure the gallery wall will be amazing with all the black and white pictures. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Thanks Erin. I'm hoping it will turn out good too.